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What is my start-up investment?

Considerable time and effort goes into establishing a new ICP agent, from software and training, monitoring and coaching to internal systems. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started, but we also want to avoid wasted time and effort.

Experienced travel consultants:

There is no up-front investment required for experienced agents. Make sure however that you have carefully considered all aspects of what we do and what we are offering. Make sure you have made the decision to fully commit to this role.

Trainee agents:

From time-to-time, we will start a training group for people who want to try out a career in travel but who do not have specific agency experience. A fee of $450 applies to cover training and start-up expenses. If you continue past the training and start getting bookings, this amount is credited back to you from your second travel package sold.

Is this really for me?

Please make certain from the outset that you understand what is required of you and that you have considered what it will take to succeed. As distinct from normal retail agency work, we do almost zero small cruise and flight bookings. We primarily deal with larger, complex travel plans for members involving many elements. These detailed travel plans require that you have:

  • Great telephone manner, excellent written communication skills and competent computer skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Willingness to become fully responsible for all aspects of the clients travel and making sure they are happy

Please also consider:

  • Family-related issues (young children)
  • Time required
  • Other work commitments (this must be your only job)
  • Willingness to work outside normal work hours if needed
  • Willingness to learn new ideas and methods
  • Willingness to follow direction

How trainable are you?

Are you set in your ways? Do you prefer to do everything your way and the way you already know how to do? If Yes, then please contact Travel Managers or a similar group.

Is this like a normal retail travel agency?

No it is not. It is not unusual for people looking at starting with us to be very sceptical and/or confused about what we are. Some can't get past the fact that we're non-traditional. If you come from an agency background you might find it hard to understand the difference. We're a marketing company. We're member-based and we market travel differently. We also offer far greater total value than any other traditional agency.

We do not rip people off like many agents who, under pressure to reach goals (and pay the big retail and advertising overheads), prey on unsuspecting older travelers. Our focus is on genuine value and if you talk to our regular travelers they usually say they would never go back to any other method.

Some important questions to ask yourself are:

"What does this travel club appear to offer that a traditional retail travel agency does not?" Look at the value that members receive.

"Are these benefits available to the general public currently?" The answer is "Some". Those that offer comprehensive agency services load up to 40% markup (service fees) on top - adding many $000's to larger trips.

"Are most traditional agency staff good at complex travel?" The answer is No, they are not. We specialise in complex itineraries and we're geared around it. Most agency staff are used to much simpler travel and their systems are no set up to handle complexities.

"How much would a large retail agency charge for a 15-day Russian cruise trip (including all services) for example?" A lot more than us. Even if you could get someone to put together a package and pricing for you. Try calling a Flight Centre or Helloworld office and see how far you get.

"Could a company like Trip-a-Deal or Luxury Escapes do what we do?" Not a chance. They are excellent at serving the needs of independent shoppers requiring simple packages. But they do not meet the needs of people who require expert assistance in handling the entire travel planning and booking process for their custom-built holiday.

Why are the prices so much lower than others?

Because we are not tied to specific suppliers and we add lower service fees, we source the best value for members from a much wider range.

How much is the membership?

Members invest $8 to $19 per month to access the services and values we offer. They receive Getaway Cash travel credits to access industry-wholesale (trade) pricing.

How does the membership work?

There is plenty of information on the main website about this subject. Start with the New member introduction

If my existing clients book with me do they have to be members of the club?

If you want them to access our services, Yes, otherwise No. But if you head down the track of handling your own clients, with all aspects of the process including all financial processes, you will be taking on a whole extra level of responsibility that you do not need.

Can I sign up members?

Yes. You receive 40% of the initial membership fee.

Am I required to sign up members?


There is no up-front investment required. However if you Your start-up investment is credited back to you from your second travel package sold. Importantly, the advantage to you is you will gain many new skills and insights into how to sell travel successfully and the real value to you is the knowledge and skills you acquire will help you earn an excellent income and build a solid business over time.

What type of training and support is supplied?

Training varies according to whether or not we are establishing a single, experienced individual or working with a group.

Training for a single, experienced individual is generally less formal and comprises similar content to what is provided in a group, but is more self-learning, coaching and instruction orientated.

Where is the training held?

Training for groups starts with a three-day "virtual classroom" training program via Skype and is followed with further instruction and coaching. All ongoing training and coaching is conducted via Skype as well.

The training is led by either the group manager or John Greenbury, founder of Australian Escapes. The training program combines self-learning modules with classroom training and regular reviews and coaching. A complete training outline and schedule is supplied to successful applicants.

Training focuses on the travel consulting process, from first contact through preparing and submitting a travel plan, to post-sale travel booking processing. The methods you will learn will give you the confidence to handle enquiries professionally and with a high chance of success. Following initial training, there is regular review and discussion through weekly meetings.

When do I start handling enquiries?

After the initial training you will start handling smaller, less complex enquiries and gradually build up to larger, more complex travel plans. You will have access to support staff to help with advice regarding how to handle complex enquiries and all aspects of the booking process so that you can confidently handle every conceivable situation that might arise.

How soon will I start receiving an income?

You need to allow at least 3 to 4 weeks to starting earning income. That is because the first two weeks are mainly training and establishment. The next two weeks is when you really start to get into the process and start getting travel packages sold and booked. After the initial start-up period, the time and effort you invest, combined with your acquired knowledge and skill is returned in booking volume.

What type of phone service or equipment do I need?

Skype is the system used for messaging and other communication bwteen you and head office as well as other agents and support staff.

VOIP phone service:

You will connect to our VOIP service (Voice Over IP/Internet) service with a "Soft Phone" such as Zoiper or Bria. You pay for calls at very low rates, deducted from commission. Our telephone number shows up on your contacts' home and mobile phones via caller ID. This results in more pickups and returned calls than Skype for example.

You can buy quite inexpensive USB headsets (plug into your computer) for use with a soft phone. The best quality headsets for continuous use are Plantronics headsets. You can buy cheaper headsets but the sound, comfort and voice quality will be nowhere near as good.

Plantronics USB headset (top quality at a low price)

Calling from your mobile phone or home phone is not an acceptable option.

Can I just work Saturdays or evenings?

No, you must be willing to invest at least 30 hours per week in the business if you are handling any existing member enquiries. Other than that you can decide what hours you work. As a matter of fact Saturdays and evenings are often good times to call customers because that's when most are at home. A suggested approach is to start by talking to existing members about their travel plans, looking after those reservations and building your confidence over time,

Other questions...

Can clients ask specifically to speak to me and how does that work eg. centralised number, transferring calls etc?

All calls go to a reception service and are received into our EMS (enquiry management system). A staff member monitors that continuously and distributes enquiries via the EMS and messaging via Skype. If you are dealing with a client, those calls are messaged to you.

Will I be using my mobile or home phone?

You will use our Faktortel phone system. Internet access and basic setup required.

How do clients pay for holiday?

They usually pay via EFT. PayPal (cards) is an option for triggering premium card travel insurance. All financial administration is done at head office.

What are Getaway Cash credits?

Best to read the new member introduction and FAQ's.